• 28
  • Remote software developer in eCommerce
  • B.Sc. Computer Engineering (Technische Informatik)
  • Living on Gran Canaria, Spain
  • From Hamburg, Germany
  • Programming
  • Interested in
    • Linux, mobile devices, databases, embedded systems, IoT, blogging, podcasting, cryptography, VoIP, Android
    • gardening, music, reading, traveling, languages, skating, jogging, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, freediving, biking
  • Languages
    • native: German, English
    • moderate: French
    • basic: Dutch, Spanish
  • Wikipedia author, OSM mapper and Transifex translator
  • repat[at]repat[dot]de
    • PGP-Key (Fingerprint: 9D82 39F2 CE05 83FB C24A 073A 6B32 656E 2D4C D79B)
  • Jabber: repat[at]jabber.ccc.de
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  1. Hello,

    I could use some help on your suggestion to turn off the Xbee ACK response. Do you have a sample arduino .sketch using this method?

    I found the concept very useful to turn off rpm feedback sent from a motor


  1. Alternativen zu movie2k.to | repats blog

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