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27c3 Android App

Posted on 13. November 2010 Comments

Update: see below

Github: https://github.com/repat/27c3-Android-App

So this is my version of the 27c3 Android Fahrplan App. At the moment it only links to the fahrplan website, depending on which day/event you click. The advantage is, it’s always uptodate;)

Please note the following:

  • I didn’t use to be a Java programmer and wrote this when I knew next to nothing about Java and Android
  • If I find some time, I’m gonna extend it to a real app
  • But I don’t think so, so feel free to download the sourcecode and extend it yourself 🙂
  • I really don’t know why it’s able to access the SD card and telephone status…don’t worry about it;)(see comment)


Screenshots (click to enlarge)

android app 27c3 logo

android app 27c3 website


  • added TabView for events and speakers