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Katherine, NT – WiFi and Internet

Posted on 8. Oktober 2009 Comments

For those of you who don’t wanna pay an ridiculous amount of money for just one hour of internet/WiFi, just go to this little arcade café on the right side of the westpac branch, WiFi(+power!) is just $3/hour. Computers are available too, just $3/0,5 hour.

I mean, it’s not for free but it’s better than $9/hour at the public(city council sponsored – wtf?!) library or the visitor centre. There is also a little café on the little street right from the library, but the owner just randomly takes days off and it is $6/hour.

Anyway, there will be a McDonalds in December which will most likely have free WiFi.

update: The Coffee Club got a free Wifi, just have a sit in the corner(pool/power plug too) and buy a drink or so. Then ask for the code; you will get a little piece of paper with username/password and the WEP-Password. The BLT is delicious btw;) You got 100MB but a guy told me that you can just ask for another one.