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Diaspora and status.net/identi.ca

Posted on 15. Dezember 2010 Comments

Today I read the following on twitter:

and now !Diaspora is mirroring into !statusnet. Excellent! #microblogging #socialnetworks #onefeedtorulethemall

originally from http://encyclomundi.status.net/notice/11978

After I scrolled through diaspora it turns out that’s what he ment:

I was imprecise in my grammar. My Diaspora is feeding into my statusnet, because i put the RSS feed from Diaspora into mirroring option on statusnet. Statusnet is pulling, Diaspora is not pushing 🙂

That’s of course not a bad idea, although identi.ca doesn’t support this. Luckily twitterfeed.com also supports status.net, so identi.ca:) Just create an account, enter your RSS Adress(https://joindiaspora.com/public/username) and there you go:)