IPv6 Privacy extensions Ubuntu 10.04

Posted on 15. Januar 2011 Comments

If not already happened, add the following to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules:

SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*",
ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*",
RUN+="sysctl net.ipv6.conf.%k.use_tempaddr=2"
SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*",
ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="wlan*",
RUN+="sysctl net.ipv6.conf.%k.use_tempaddr=2"

Usually this happens when installing miredo or similar IPv6 tunneling software, but you might want to double-check it. Also, check if the eth* and wlan* fit your ethernet/wifi devices.

btw, unfortunately Android and I-Phone Devices don’t have this, which causes quite a bit privacy concerns, see heise.de on IPv6 on Smartphones for more information (German)


  1. Hello and thanks for sharing!

    This was precisely what I was looking for. I found that you can also just add a line at the end of the file, e.g.

    KERNEL!=“lo“ RUN+=“/sbin/sysctl net.ipv6.conf.$name.use_tempaddr=2″

    which will enable PE for everything but loopback.

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